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Our Professional Services

We aim to transform ourselves into your technological partner. For this we offer services solutions that adapt to your needs and possibilities. We provide solutions aimed at ensuring the continuity of your business increasing productivity and reducing associated costs.

IT maintenance

We provide service to your network and servers in a proactive and immediate way, through customized time plans according to your needs.

Hardware & Software

We offer the latest industry standards and new technologies combined with customized financing lines.

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Consulting & Support IT

If technology is creating more problems than solutions, let us tell you which is the best way to solve them.

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IT Security

Proactive analysis of external and internal vulnerabilities. Corporate antivirus.

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Cloud Backup

Protect your data in the cloud. An ideal solution for the management of backups according to the policies of disaster recovery.

Critical mission monitoring

Your ability to achieve objectives is closely related to the performance of your tools. We can help you anticipate or minimize the unavailability of your systems.

“If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. What's more, you deserve to be hacked.” - Eric S. Raymond

ESET maximum protection for your company

ESET Antivirus

User protection

Security for mobile phones and Backups. Encryption of information and protection for endpoints.

Protection of your IT infrastructure

Security for your servers, Gateways and virtualized environments. Remote administration solutions.

Information Protection

Security for your mail servers, files systems and Sharepoint.

Centralized administration

Diagnostic services for security and data leak prevention (D.L.P.). It allows you to detect vulnerabilities through monitoring and detailed reports.

“The computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before.” - Bill Gates

Hardware & Software licenses

Choosing the best tools can have a high impact on the productivity and results of your company. Is it the best option for your business operations? Can you save costs? Can you protect the most sensitive data?

Trust us to meet your hardware and software needs. Our products will integrate seamlessly with your infrastructure, and you will not have to worry about compatibility issues.


In addition to the provision of personal computers, we offer a wide range of Servers of recognized brands such as HP, IBM, and DELL.

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